The Light

Adapted by Corey Bossom

Based on the Gospel Track by Ron Wheeler

Three people standing in a line in the middle of the stage, facing a darkened STAGE LEFT. They are separated from each other by equal distance starting at downstage and moving to upstage. The person who is upstage starts the skit by noticing something in her peripherals, but trying not to turn completely to see it. This person likes looking into the dark but there is just something behind them nagging at the edge of her sight.

Suddenly the first person (MAKAYLA) turns around.


MAKAYLA looks around and goes to the first person she sees (COREY).

MAKAYLA - Hey! Youve got to check this out!

COREY - No way!

MAKAYLA - No seriously! Turn around and just take a look at this!

COREY - No, I like what I seeing here.

MAKAYLA - But theres nothing that way but darkness.

COREY Yes, but comfortable with it.

MAKAYLA - But this is LIGHT!

COREY - I know, I can see the reflections.

MAKAYLA - Seriously, thats nothing compared to this!

COREY - I enjoy looking at the reflections.


COREY - What are YOU, some kind of fanatic?

MAKAYLA - You really should just turn around.

COREY - Are you judging me? You are judging me, arent you?

MAKAYLA OH (amazed & in love) this is incredible; everyone should see this!

COREY - I like what I have here. I accept what youve got. Just let me accept what Ive got.

MAKAYLA - But this is IT. What you have is nothing!

COREY - Nothing? you arrogant closed-minded, purple waffle tasting, goat dating, weasel!! (Then Mocking) Ewwwweee look at me I can see the light, the light, its so pretty! Im so speeeeccciallll!

MAKAYLA -Ive got to get closer to it.

MAKAYLA walks toward the light and off stage. COREY continues to ramble.

COREY - How can you even say Ive got nothing? Why, Ive looked this direction FOR YEARS, and Years and years.

(LONG PAUSE visibly deflate, sigh, let your breath out, shrink show disappointment, the smack of reality) Id think that after all those years I would at least see SOMETHING!

(short pause let them hear the self-doubt) Maybe I should take a look. But what if Im not satisfied, what if its not everything she made it out to be? At least if its not I still have all this nothing.

COREY pauses, then realizing what he said.

COREY (continued) - NOTHING! I have nothing. Well, maybe just a partial peek.

COREY hesitantly turns around, and then is amazed at what he sees.

COREY (continued) - Wow! Why did I wait so long to look!

COREY walks over to the first person he sees (LOGAN).

COREY (continued) Hey! Youve got to take a look at this!

LOGAN - No way! I like what I have here.

COREY - No seriously just look for a second. It wont hurt you or anything.

LOGAN What? And leave all this? It cant get better than this!

COREY - But look at this light!

COREY and LOGAN freeze, or walk off stage at the NARRATOR walks on.

NARRATOR - In John 8:12 Jesus says I am the light of the world, whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life. So what does that mean? Well light clearly shows us which way to go, so Jesus is clearly the way to eternal life.

In John 14:6 Jesus says I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me. God wants us to come freely to Him, because He loves us so much. But one of the consequences of light is that is exposes a lot of filth and cobwebs, and gunk.

Our sinful nature is evident in comparison to a perfect and just God. Romans 3:23 reads For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. But the good news is we can freely come to God because Jesus paid the penalty for our sins with His death on the cross and resurrection. You can receive Gods free gift of eternal life when you turn and look to the light, which is Jesus Christ, and place your trust in Him for your salvation.

COREY - Wow! What a sight!

NARRATOR - John 6:40 reads Everyone who looks to the Son, Jesus Christ, and believes in Him shall have eternal life.