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   Buying software or other utilities to use on your computer is no easy task, and can be a little frightening as well--whether you're an FFCA customer or vendor! You should never find yourself overwhelmed by technical considerations--or your office staff barraged with technical questions from people purchasing third-party products from you!

   For this reason, we have done our utmost to put together a clip art package that, in addition to having excellent, relevant and useful images, is also easy to use, and should result in very few technical problems erupting to add stress to your day. We have invested in our product in numerous ways, and a big part of that investment is in the area of ease of use and eliminating technical glitches.

   Our on-screen cataloging/browser software, Extensis' Portfolio®, is a stable, commonly used program. All the images contained on the CDs have been meticulously keyworded to make locating them simple and efficient. In addition, Portfolio® gives you the option of creating a customized, printable catalog of images you've used, or of a group of images you know you'll want to use over and over. There are helps files for both Mac and PC users that contain detailed, step-by-step information on how to best use this application, and how to customize its use and contents for your organization. For PC users, please note that for ease of use, the WIN .TIF and .WMF CDs include an autorun file which will automatically launch the browser once it has been placed in the PC's CD-rom drive.

   We know that it is inevitable that a few technical questions and issues will arise. Our testing has shown us that any "glitches" that may crop up are minor, infrequent, and are simply and quickly resolvable. Should a purchaser of FFCA 4000 find himself with a technical question, or a problem with operating the browser or using the images, on Ron's website, he or she will find a comprehensive FAQ page link that covers everything we could think of! The FAQ document will also be available to users who request it via e-mail, as well as hard copies being made available for those persons who do not have Internet access. In addition, we have set up a response line where you can leave messages for technical support. Our response line is 1-816-941-9272. This number, as well as our website and e-mail address will appear on every order form and invoice we send out.

Technical Support: 1-816-941-9272

Limited copyright: © Ron Wheeler, 1998. Permission is hereby granted for educational purposes in churches, schools, and for personal use without further permission required. The materials herein are not to be used for any other purposes without prior approval.

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