Is FFCA Different?

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   Some may wonder how FFCA 4000 compares to the mega clip art packages that are available today. The few geared for the Christian market are loaded with artwork of impersonal, generic icons and royalty free paintings at resolutions too low to be used effectively. And the secular market mega clip art packages are fine if you're creating grocery store circulars and need several dozen drawings of meat products from which to choose!

   One of the problems with those mega packages is that they tend to be so large it can be difficult as well as time consuming to find the images that you need. Many church secretaries don't like them, not only because so many of the images are not relevant to church-related documents, but because it can be difficult to find an image as simple as a father with his arm around his son. One church secretary pointed out to us that it is next to impossible to find many of these types of family oriented images in those packages.

   Part of the problem also is that the hard copy reference manual is often the size of a small phone book! How can you easily find anything in a reference that size? Even when categorized for "easy" searches, it remains less efficient and less accurate than our on-screen catalog.

   For example, if seeking an image to use in publicizing an inner-city youth ministry with mostly minority group participants, where would you look first in the mega clip art reference book? Under "minorities"? "Youth"? Something as generic as "people"? With our product, you'd locate the needed image under all 3 categories.

   Church secretaries who are pressed for time want and need to find relevant images quickly. If art is needed for a dessert social, a simple choice would be "eating/food" as a keyword choice, or simply typing the word "dessert" in the search field would immediately find what is needed.

   That said, we know that some people who will want to use this product may still feel uncomfortable using an on-screen catalog. No problem! You can easily print whichever thumbnail gallery you choose, so you can have ready-made, printed catalog in your file that is customized for your needs.

   So, how customized for the Christian market is this package? Is there enough Biblical emphasis in this package? Consider a few of the keywords we've provided: biblical, Jesus, minister, pastor, priest and prayer combine for a total of 469 images! Most of the drawings contained in this CD set were originally created for Christian ministries and publishing houses over a 5-year period of time.

   However, there are many, many images not just usable, but ideal for the secular market as well, with such categories as medical, nature, military, emotions, sports, holidays, relationships, etc. What you won't find here is a CD filled with lots of fat; images that are either inappropriate or irrelevant to the print materials you need to jazz up!

Limited copyright: © Ron Wheeler, 1998. Permission is hereby granted for educational purposes in churches, schools, and for personal use without further permission required. The materials herein are not to be used for any other purposes without prior approval.

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