What's on the FFCA 4000 CD?About gif
4000 black-and-white clip art images
That's nearly 6 times the number of images that some other Christian clip art packages have (around 700).

Both secular and religious themes
Most of the drawings in this CD were originally created for Christian ministries over a 5-year period of time. However, there are many, many images not just usable, but ideal for the secular market as well, with such categories as medical, nature, emotions, sports, holidays, and relationships.

All images in multiple formats easily read by most computers
For Windows computers, there are .TIF and .WMF versions of the images. For Macintosh, .TIF and .EPS. versions. The .TIF files are bitmap files (composed of dots and resolution-dependent), and the .WMF and .EPS files are vector files (composed of lines that tell the computer what shape to draw.

The Portfolio® catalog makes it easy to search and retrieve the CD images
Portfolio® will work on your computer if you meet these system requirements: WINDOWS--Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0 or higher; 6 mb of application RAM; CD-ROM; MACINTOSH--System 7.5 or higher; 68030 or higher (includes PowerPC); CD-ROM.

Limited copyright: © Ron Wheeler, 1998. Permission is hereby granted for educational purposes in churches, schools, and for personal use without further permission required. The materials herein are not to be used for any other purposes without prior approval.

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