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Here's what others have to say about FFCA 4000:
"...I really like the on-screen catalog. When FFCA 4000 was demonstrated for me, I happened to need an image of a shoe. We typed the word "shoe" into the search field, and found 3 images immediately!"
- Carolyn
a church secretary & fan of Ron's work

"We have used Ron's work extensively for our VBS materials, and found FFCA 4000 to be a perfect compliment to the materials we offer our churches."
- Karen Treu
Regular Baptist Press

"The calls started rolling in immediately, as soon as we included FFCA 4000 in our catalog. We've already had to reorder -- twice!"
- Gary Cantwell
NavPress Software
About gif

   Welcome to Fat Free Clip Art 4000! You're probably wondering ...just what IS FFCA 4000 and what can it do for ME? Let's answer the what question first. FFCA 4000 is a 3-CD set containing over 4,000 black and white cartoon images, drawn by Ron Wheeler, a popular and internationally known cartoonist and humor illustrator. Most of the images in this collection were created over a 5 year period of time primarily for Christian organizations seeking thematic and useful images for various publishing uses.

   The characterizations you will find in this package are suitable for many uses, from advertising the church ice cream social, to brightening up the weekly newsletters, to illustrating the teaching notes for your pastor's weekly series on the parables of Christ. You can use these images to create a flier, poster, or even a banner by simply adding your own text! Create certificates for Sunday School students, lesson plans with lizards, and stickers with style! Clip art can turn what was once boring into something fun! Read the file "Sample Uses of Clip Art" on the CD for more ideas.

   We have created FFCA 4000 to be easy to use, offering each of the images in four different file formats. For the Macintosh, there are .TIF and .EPS files, and for the PC the CDs contain .TIF and .WMF files. We selected these formats in order to provide users of FFCA 4000 with files that can be quickly located and imported, as is the case with the .TIF files. However, we also knew that some users would prefer to have files that are truly editable and can be colored as needed. For those users, we have provided both .EPS and .WMF formats, which can be opened and edited by most illustration applications such as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw; .EPS and .WMF files can also be enlarged for posters and other large print items without distortion of the image occurring.

   Here are a few specifics: On a PC, the CDs have been designed with an autorun file in place, which will automatically launch the Portfolio browser once the CD has been placed in the CD-Rom drive. On the Macintosh, after the CD has been placed in the drive, the FFCA 4000 icon will appear. Double click to open the window, and then double click the icon Open Me First to launch the browser.

   Just how does one go about locating an image on one of our CDs? It's simple! After the browser window appears, go to the Catalog menu. At this point, a "Find All" command will display all the images contained on the CD. Choosing "Find" from your menu will show you a typical dialog box containing a list of keywords such as medical, nature, sports, emotions, etc., as well as fields in which you can specify the search you wish to perform. You can modify your search to make it as broad, or as specific as you desire. You can also make choices about how the images are displayed, as well as customize the gallery for your own future needs.

   Any thumbnail image in the gallery can be double clicked resulting in a larger PICT file image that appears in another window for easy viewing; these images can then be printed as needed. Under other menus you will find commands that allow you to copy the original image to your desktop, hard drive, or to a removable disk. Perhaps most convenient of all, the gallery you create can be saved, updated later as needed, and can be printed in its entirety to provide a hard copy reference for future use. We think that you will find the on-screen browser both convenient and extremely useful, and much more efficient than the bulky printed catalogs often offered with clip art packages of this size.

Limited copyright: © Ron Wheeler, 1998. Permission is hereby granted for educational purposes in churches, schools, and for personal use without further permission required. The materials herein are not to be used for any other purposes without prior approval.

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