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December, 2013

Dear Friends,

Sometimes I think I’m the most blessed guy on the planet. Besides having a wonderful wife and awesome kids, I’ve got the coolest job anyone can imagine. I get to draw cartoons for a living. Not only that, but I get to do it with a purpose. I’m actually serving God with this gift he has given me.

Now here’s the real kicker. I get to travel all over the world with this ministry. You see, God has given me a very unique story donor.cartoonworks.com of how he made himself known to me and called me into cartooning that is both amazing and miraculous. Plus, after over three decades of drawing cartoons for the Lord, I find I’ve learned a few things I can teach others about how to draw cartoons. Thus, I have speaking opportunities … all over the place.

A little over a month ago Cindy and I just returned from a 24 day trip to Washington DC and back where we visited many of my clients. I shared my Christian testimony in churches and chapel services and board rooms multiple times along the way. I also got to teach cartooning to a couple dozen kids while their parents attended a national home school leadership conference. It was all a wonderful and affirming experience.

Now I have an opportunity to do more of the same … but this time overseas. I’ve been invited by various ministry organizations and individuals to do more cartoon training as well as sharing my testimony in Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, and Taiwan. This trip will take Cindy and me away from home for two full months through February and March of 2014. I love being used by God this way, to show people how God can use anyone for His glory when they give themselves and their gifts fully to Him.

Yet now I’ve come to a point where I need your help. The challenge is, many of these speaking assignments take time (which I am eager to give), but they don’t pay the bills. This is where you come in. If you have a heart for this ministry you can help us in any of four ways:

1) Pray. This task is God’s calling. He opens doors. He shuts doors. Please pray that I am able to hold it all with an open hand.

2) If you are a client of mine, keep using my services. I’m not retiring from cartooning any time soon. I will most likely work within the budget you provide, so make sure you can pay me as much as you are able.

3) Buy my books, tracts, clip art, etc. My main web site, CartoonWorks.com was set up to provide resources of my work that churches and individuals can use to augment their ministry purposes.

4) Consider donating to this ministry. Through an organization called Faith and Learning FaithandLearning.org I now have non-profit status set up to raise support to cover the costs of my time and travel on speaking engagements.

You may financially support CartoonWorks by sending your tax-deductible gifts in the following

Give online. Using a secure website, you can give by credit card, checking account or savings account. You may make a one-time gift or enroll in a regular giving plan. Giving online saves the ministry the cost of paper and processing. Give today at donor.cartoonworks.coms.

Write a check. Gifts by mail are always welcome. Please make your check out to “Faith
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CartoonWorks”. Mail your check to P.O. Box 480, Wheaton, IL 60187.

I look forward to sharing with you the many things God has been able to do on this and future trips because of YOUR generous spirit.

 In Christ’s service,


Ron Wheeler

9818 Summit St. Kansas City MO 64114